Wedding Wishes For Gay Couples

“The day has come for your love to be recognized. We are so happy to be able to support you on your journey as partners. Although you will have obstacles along the way, your love for each other is sure to remain strong. Don’t ever give up. Show us that the hard work is worth it!”

“It’s not easy for people who are different from the norm. It takes courage to proclaim who you are and to live a life that is harmonious within your heart. This is difficult to do alone. I am so glad you found a partner that makes you feel happy and supports you. May you be a strong refuge for one another. Happy Wedding!”

“It’s hard to believe that we live in a world that only recently has validated that love has no gender boundaries, but better late than never. In a way, it’s exciting to be part of this time that has come where your marriage is fully recognized. We are here for you always. Congratulations!”

“You will prove to even those who have doubts that two people who love each other should be supported, even if their union is not orthodox. We are your allies now and for life. We love your love!”

“In a world of lonely people, it’s a small miracle for two people like you to find one another. Your union is based on something solid, an inspiration for people in any kind of relationship. You inspire us with the way you support and care about each other, and we are so glad you found each other. We wish you happiness in your life together”.

“As we participate in your marriage ceremony today, we celebrate a victory on behalf of everyone outside the norm who has faced challenges in order to boldly go forth as who they truly are. Our well-wishes for the best wedding ever!”

“This freedom of the human spirit is what keeps us all going. This is what we live for, to see two people living for the love of the one their heart chooses. You are a beautiful couple. Marriages are never easy, but you will make it look that way. You’re so natural, as you were meant to be. We’re so happy that your marriage day has come.”

“I must admit that that idea of your marriage was not easy to process. We are old-fashioned and it came as a bit of a shock. I know that I haven’t always been supportive, but please understand why. It’s not because I oppose being gay. I want you to be the person who you are. I was just worried about you and how this would affect your life. There’s a lot of people out there who want to cause opposition and even harm. I can see now that you will be okay. You have found a great partner, and you give each other strength. Now that you have found someone who is so nice, I am not worried anymore. I love you both and I give full blessings to your marriage.”

“While some people may find your marriage “alternative”, I don’t see it any differently that any other I’ve witnessed between two people who love each other. Love is love. It’s simple. When it’s real, others can see that. We are happy for you on your wedding day.”

If there was ever a day to celebrate, it’s today! We’ve known you your whole life and watched you struggle to fit in. Through periods of isolation and difficulty, you seemed to carry on with a sense of inner strength. You never gave up. That hope you held onto brought a great partner into your life, and we are so glad you found each other. You are always welcome in our home and we welcome you as family. Congratulations on your marriage.”