Wedding Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

It’s funny after how all we’ve been through
We still remain the best of friends
That’s why I’ll be there on your wedding day
Wishing you well from beginning to end.

We worked through all the pain
To emerge on the other side as friends
I’m here for you on your wedding day
With nothing but love to send.

I once called you the love of my life
In some ways you still are
We won’t spend our life together
But you know I’ll never be too far.

I’m so glad you found someone to make you happy
And share in all your hopes and dreams.
Happy wedding day to my ex-boyfriend
When I wish you well, it’s something I truly mean.

We toughed it out during the bad times
We laughed during the good times
I once called you the love of my life
I once said I would be with you for a lifetime.

Today I watch you on your wedding day
A proud part of your former life
I will always be a loyal friend
Even though I will never be your wife.

You’ll dance and have fun on your wedding day
My one-time-boyfriend and now my best friend
I’m here to tell you that I’m happy for you
I’ll always be with you until the end.

Watching as you make your life with your bride
Proudly smiling as you enjoy your big day
I’m always your friend, always wish you the best
And let you know I’m never too far away.

It’s strange to see my ex-boyfriend get married
Not strange because it’s something bad
It’s just that I’m so happy for you right now
And remembering all the fun times we’ve had.

It wasn’t always easy to make it through
We fought our way to remain close
And we’ll always share those wonderful memories
As we continue to fight to remain close.

Your new bride is one lucky girl I know
Because I’ve had the pleasure of loving you in the past
I am always so happily surprised
To realize that our friendship will always last

Through the good times
And through the bad
On your wedding day just know
You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.

Happy wedding day to my ex-boyfriend
He’s one super lucky guy
He’s always been there for me
He’s always helped me see wrong from right.

I’m here to celebrate your happiness
And thank God you are still my friend.
I hope your new marriage lasts forever
Until the happiest end.

My ex-boyfriend is the groom to be
I’m here to wish him well
He’s intelligent, he’s funny, he’s amazing,
He’s always been there for me when I fell.

To pick me back up and show me I’m okay
So today I’m here to celebrate
The greatest of all days in his life
His beautiful wedding day.

My ex-boyfriend captured my heart long ago
He showed me what life is all about
He’s getting married very soon
And I’m here to scream and shout

That he’s a great guy, a true friend,
A loyal confidant and amazing man.
I’m not his girlfriend anymore
But I’m still one of his biggest fans.

Thank you for being there in the good times
Thanks for being there in the bad
You’re not just my ex-boyfriend
You’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had.

As you walk down the isle toward your new marriage
I see nothing but good things ahead for you.
Just know if things ever get rough in the future
You always have me to turn to.