Wedding Wishes For Employee

You’ve been a friend
And a co-worker true;
I wish a blessed wedding
And marriage to you.
May the life that you start
On that day coming soon
Bring joy and gladness
That will last through the years.
May it dawn like the sunshine
And dry up all tears.
May the future you’ve planned
Come like clouds full of rain.
May love’s glow e’er be with you
To deaden all pain.
A life full of trouble
We all shall endure,
But may God’s gift of a spouse
Give you joy through the years.
Happy Wedding Day
From your friend and co-worker!

I see that you’ve found
The love of your life-
A woman of beauty,
A kind, lovely wife.
I’m glad for you, friend,
And I want you to know
That I wish God to bless you
Wherever you go.
I’ve known you a while,
As we’ve worked side by side,
And I wish you a marriage
That long shall abide.
May a marriage that’s made
In the heavenly realms
Be to you an earthly reality-
And may joy overwhelm!

An employee true and faithful,
Hard-working and just,
You have proved yourself to be-
And worker I can trust.
I know that your spouse
Will find you trustworthy too-
Wedding wishes of happiness
And a life that is new!

Knowing you these years
Has made me able to say
That you truly deserve
A happy wedding day!
You finally have found
The spouse that is right,
And I’m happy for you
With all of my might!
The great design of marriage
That God meant it to serve
Will bless you for long
As you navigate life’s curves.
I am happy you’ve found
A spouse of your own,
And may your journey no longer
Be trodden alone.

The seasons of life
Change in rapid succession.
In every stage we can learn
Life’s invaluable lessons.
May your new life be filled
With true lessons of love.
May your fullness of joy
Grow into a great flood.
Married life can bring wisdom
To those it may bless-
May your brave heart prevail,
May you pass every test.
At work you have proven
Faithful to be,
Your work here has been done
Quite diligently.
May you work in your marriage
With at least equal care,
And love, trust, and hope
Cultivate there.

May great blessings attend you
On your soon to come day
When you enter a new life
And live a new way.
You and another
Will function as one.
May great harmony and peace,
Like a crown you have won,
Rest o’er your life
And dwell in your home.
May sweet promises made
Be fulfilled one by one.

A beautiful wedding
Lasts but a day,
But the marriage that follows
Is a thing that ought stay.
You have chosen a spouse
And have planned for days to come.
May God speed all you’ve purposed;
May God’s grace make you one.
Beautiful wedding wishes that last
From your boss and your friend!