Wedding Wishes For Elder Sister

You were my role model growing up
I learned from the very best
You were loving, firm, and playful
You were my peace when I couldn’t rest

Today is a new chapter in your life
The most beautiful day of your life
You’ve always been my big sister
But today you become a wife.

We played together when we were small
You were always just one step ahead
We sometimes shared our toys
Sometimes we kept them for ourselves instead.

Today you’re getting married
To a man that I know will take good care of you
A man who will love you forever
And who will always be true.

Marriage is a sacred
So is the love I have for my big sis
You’re moving into a new life
And you will be greatly missed

But I’m so happy for you
As you prepare for your wedding day
I love you more than you’ll ever know
And more than any words could possibly say.

Your big day is just around the corner
We’re preparing everything to make it just right
Your wedding day will arrive very soon
And your big sister is proud of you with all her might

I want to tell you how much you’ve meant to me
How much I’ve cared
That’s why on the biggest day of your life
I will be the one standing right there.

Thank you, big sister, for all you’ve done
To help me make the most of my life
You’ve been called daughter and sister
But you’re about to be called a wife

I know you’ll be the best wife you can be
And give my new brother-in-law a lifetime of love
As you celebrate this day in your life
Be as happy as a lark and as gentle as a dove.

Happy wedding day big sister
I’m following you right behind
Wishing you the best in life
Loving you like I have so many times

As you’ve grown into a beautiful woman
I’ve had the best role model I could have had
You’re going to make a beautiful bride
But you’re still the best big sister I’ll ever have.

Your little sister loves you so much
She looks to you for guidance
She has always wanted to be just like you
In times of happiness, in times of defiance,

We’ve weathered so many storms together
But today we celebrate the happiest of times
As you walk down the isle, remember me
And know I’m just a step behind.

My big sister is funny, she’s friendly, she’s warm
She’s my greatest role model in life
She’s been my strength when I was down
She’s helped me know how to handle every storm.

As your little sis, I’m here to smile with you
As you walk into your new life as a wife
I’ll be there watching you shine so happily
We all can’t wait to see you shine so bright.

A big sister is many things
She’s a friend, she’s a leader, she’s a sometimes nemesis
But she’s always there to pave the way
For greater things, this is your genesis

You’re going to be a beautiful bride
And I will be there to watch you with pride
As you move into a new phase of life
And tackle the new challenges of the world’s best wife.

A wedding day is a new beginning
That lasts your whole life long
My big sister’s wedding day will be the most beautiful
But I will miss her when she’s gone.

I know she’s moving into a better place
Full of love, laughter, and fun
I know my big sister deserves the best
And I am so glad that she found The One.