Wedding Wishes For Daughter

Your mother and I started to wonder if you were ever going to settle down and commit.
You made a great choice in the man you decided to say your vows to.
I know that you two are wonderful to each other and cannot wait to start a family.
I wish you many years of happiness with the man that you love.

Walking you down the aisle is something that seemed so far away from the day you were born.
It is my privilege to give you away to such a deserving and loving guy.
My heart feels whole with the new son-in-law that I am gaining.
I have faith that you two will take care of each other and raise a beautiful family.

I have never seen you look at beautiful as you do in a wedding dress.
There is something angelic about my sweet little daughter all grown up.
You’ve got touches of your mother in your, but always have had my smile.
Best of luck on the future of adventures and memories with your new husband.

The first date you went on, I worried about my little girl.
You’ve matured into a fine young lady that can take care of herself.
It’s no longer my job to worry now that you’ve taken a great husband.
Be wonderful to one another, and don’t forget to do the little things.

There is not a lot of advice that I can give you that you haven’t already heard.
My daughter is a smart girl, with a great deal of wit and humor on her side.
Never forget to smile through tough times and remember how infectious your laughter is.
Love your husband the way that your mom loves me and everything will work out perfectly.

The day you announced your engagement, I thought your dad was going to have a stroke.
You have to forgive him for being so quick to assume the worst.
Your new husband has found a place in our hearts like a son of our own.
Love one another as best you can with every single day that the sun rises.

I spent the majority of our life teaching you how to be a great woman.
There are times that I am in awe of how much you know about life.
You seem to have it all figured out, but marriage is a different type of lesson.
It will turn out great as long as you are always supportive, forgiving, and patient.

My daughter did not pick a husband that is anything like her daddy.
In fact, if I had to place a bet on it, they are total opposites.
He is a wonderful man that adores you with all of his heart and soul.
Good luck in all that you do together, including starting a family.

There are times that your dad drives me crazy with all of his weird habits.
Although it may seem like an insult, it really is a great thing.
In marriage, you grow to love one another on a level that cannot be broken down.
Enjoy the rest of your life with a man that is going to accept everything about you.

I hope that your husband understands what he has gotten himself into.
He’s found an amazing woman with a lovely sense of compassion for others.
You are nurturing, sweet, and understanding of everyone that you meet.
Make sure that you let that man of yours know how blessed his life will be.

You’re an amazing girl with the ability to love with your whole heart.
We cannot wait until you become a proud parent like the both of us.
Have a blessed wedding day from your mom and dad.

To my little girl in lace and white satin draped in strings of pearls and scarlet roses. The day has come to let you go and to watch you shine. Best wishes on your special day, my daughter.

Raise a toast to you, our daughter, on your wedding day! Champagne glasses tinkle and glitter in your honor! Enjoy the moment and cherish the memory for a lifetime. Cheers!

Today you make a solemn vow. It is a vow to love, to honor, and to cherish for all eternity. Today your life will change forever. To our daughter on her wedding day, congratulations!

We colored our nails in red and pink. You borrowed my makeup and styled my hair. The heels were too big, but you wore them with confidence in front of the mirror. On this, your wedding day, play dress up with me one more time.

I was always a text message away to fix a flat tire or to mend a broken heart. No man was good enough for daddy’s little girl, until now. It is time to hand you off to the fulfillment of your dreams. All the best to my precious daughter on her wedding day!

It is a love that will last until you grow old. Today you begin a journey, promising and new. Take all you have learned and the advice you have borrowed. Turn it into rich blessings of bright sunshine in deep skies of blue. All our love and warm wishes on your wedding day.

The caterer, the florist, the deejay, and the coordinator. You have juggled them all for months of careful planning. Now, daughter, let this day be all about you. Before you walk down the aisle, join me for a pedicure!

As a little girl, you swaddled your dollies and held tea parties with fashion. In a playhouse with lace curtains, you played the role of housewife to perfection. Now you’re ready for the real thing. Welcome home to marital bliss!

May I have this dance? One last time before I hand you off as a young bride to your groom? May the band play a special melody for my beautiful girl on her wedding day.

All the basketball games, dance recitals, proms, and driver’s tests were a mere drop in the bucket of time. The next big event is here. Let us share in the happiness of a lifetime. Best wishes on your wedding day.

To our daughter on her wedding day,
You are the richest blessing we have ever received. It is a delight to see you walk down the aisle and stand beside your husband to be. No longer a little girl but our pride and joy, a stunning bride.

The carriage awaits to carry our princess to the land of her dreams alongside her prince. It is time for all your fantasies to come true. May your wedding day lead to an endless happy ever after!

I could say I love you in a million different ways. I could tell you over and over how you have filled my life. I could express with endless words how it has been an honor to have you as a child, but there is not enough time on earth. May you be blessed on your wedding day as I have been every day before.