Wedding Wishes For Cousin

Growing up together has made us more like siblings than cousins. But it’s the bond we share in our family that makes me so happy to see you marrying the person of your dreams! Congratulations to you and a warm welcome to our newest family member!

I am so happy to see my favorite cousin marrying the one person that makes your heart smile! It is so wonderful to see how complete you now that you’ve found your soul mate. May you both be blessed for the rest of your lives!

Weddings are beautiful milestones in life. I am so excited that you are able to walk down the isle with the one person that makes your heart happy! As we have grown together, I have always looked at you as an inspiration and a role model. So congratulations on this wonderful new adventure in your life!

We have both journeyed through life as cousins and friends. Now that you are marrying the person of your dreams, I wish you only the best, and all the happiness in the world.

A cousin is a friend that has the bonds of family attached. As your cousin, let me welcome your new spouse with open arms into our family. May you both be blessed with peace, joy and happiness for ever and ever.

Marriage is a sacred trust between two people. The two of you are truly committed to one another and it’s clear that you have found your one special someone. I am so proud of you, my cousin as you embark on this amazing new adventure!

Congratulations to my favorite cousin on this next step in adulthood. Having grown-up with you and seeing what a great person you are, I have no doubt that the two of you will have all the love in the world for one another. Please know that the whole family loves and supports you both as you take that walk down the isle.

You are now, and have always been so very meaningful to me as my cousin and friend. The love and support you’ve shown me has meant so much, and I’m very happy to see the one person that will be there to love and support you forever. As you two begin your lives together, please know that I will always be there to lend an ear, shed a tear and share a laugh. God bless you both and congratulations!

Whomever suggested that a cousin is a distant relative never met us! You’ve been there for me whenever I needed a true friend and I will be forever grateful. So it makes me feel all the joy in the world to see you marrying the one person who makes you truly happy. May you be forever blessed in your new marriage!

Cousins like us are a rare breed! We’ve been through so much growing-up together that I feel like we’re siblings. So with your marriage, I gain a new family member and a new friend. So congratulations to you both as you take the plunge and spend your lives loving one another!