Thanksgiving Wishes to Daughter

To our wonderful daughter who has brought us such joy
We often think of you and reflect on our lives together
May you receive all the blessings the season brings
Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving

The days are getting cooler, the nights are longer
It’s now the season for families to gather together
Looking forward to spending time with my daughter
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving

We’ve always been together to share the holidays
Time spent with our daughter gets sweeter each year
So proud of the young woman that you’ve become
Wishing you all the best on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is for cherishing those who are special to us
Remembering all the good times and our days spent together
Watching you grow and turn into such a lovely young woman
Is one of the many blessings I have appreciated so much
Wishing my beautiful daughter all the best on Thanksgiving

It’s great to have lots of turkey and pie
It’s nice to reminisce with family and friends
But having our daughter spend this day with us
Is something we are especially thankful for
Wishing our daughter a wonderful Thanksgiving

A warm home full of memories and love
A table overflowing with food
A little girl who grew up too fast
All part of a Thanksgiving celebration
Here’s wishing my daughter everything good
May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving

We’ve watched you grow through the years
As you’ve turned into a successful young woman
We’re so thankful to have a daughter like you
You’re bright, beautiful, kind, and caring
We wish you much happiness on Thanksgiving

Family, food, and a fun day spent together
Relaxing, laughing, and talking with one another
Being thankful for so many wonderful things
Having my daughter close by to enjoy it all
These are all parts of a happy Thanksgiving
Wishing you all the best on Thanksgiving Day

Our life together through the years
Has been filled with much happiness
As we celebrate this Thanksgiving
We are grateful for having a daughter
You’ve grown into a fantastic young woman
Wishing our daughter a Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time to be grateful for all our many blessings
To a beautiful daughter who is everything a parent could hope for
I wish you only the best and much happiness in everything you do
Hoping you have a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season

Wishing you health, peace, and the simple joys in life
My memories of you grow sweeter with each passing year
You’re everything I could ever want in a daughter
May you have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving Day

Love, laughter, and being together are part of Thanksgiving
I look forward to sharing it all with a wonderful daughter
As we linger in the company of one another on this special day
May my remarkable daughter have a very happy Thanksgiving

Time for pumpkin pie, turkey, and stuffing
Reliving old memories of our times together
Realizing just how fortunate we all are
Being so grateful for a daughter like you
These are all part of our Thanksgiving
May you enjoy all the best on this holiday

After the food is put away and relatives have gone
This Thanksgiving will become another memory to cherish
I am so grateful for yet another day spent with you
A daughter who is such an important part of my life
Wishing you every happiness today and throughout the year

As one season unfolds into another
I’ve watched you grow and change
The bond we share is so special
Growing stronger each passing year
Thanksgiving is the perfect time
To tell my daughter how I feel
My love for you is immeasurable
Happy Thanksgiving

I’m grateful to have such a wonderful daughter
Someone I can share laughter and life with
May we always continue to be so close
I’m wishing you much happiness on Thanksgiving