Thank you Quotes for Employees

“You are a valuable member of our team and the hard work you have put in has not gone unnoticed. Keep it up.”

“The supervisors here want to express our gratitude to you beyond words. We want to show you our respect and appreciation. Please let us know if you have any needs and we will try our best to make your life a little easier as you have done for us.”

“When we consider the future of this company, we remember employees like you. We hope you will stay on board with us. We have big plans and they involve you. Your contribution is considered valuable. Thanks for all you do.”

“You bring a nice presence to our work atmosphere. Everyone here likes you so much. You work hard and always have encouraging words and good jokes to share. We like having you around. Thanks for your commitment. We’re always happy to see you walk through the door every day.”

“We recognize the treasure we have in you. You deserve more than we can give back to you at this time, but we hope you can remain patient. When more prosperity comes, you will share in it with us and won’t be forgotten.”

“It is hard enough to find even one person on a work team that is truly motivated and has a good attitude, but you take it a step beyond and actually help motivate others. You are a jewel among employees. We like having you here so much and hope you stay a long time.”

“Your can-do attitude is like a healing balm on the discouraged hearts in our workplace. We all have aspects of our lives outside of work that influence our moods. We know your life is tough right now, but the fact that you not only don’t complain but can still bring a smile to people’s faces and also keep up with your work load is truly amazing. Thank you!”

“Everyone needs to be appreciated. We are taking the time now to say thank you for all you do, but realize we should’ve done it sooner. Sorry it took so long to say thanks. We see you and all you do and we think you’re awesome.”

“We went through a rough time recently here at our workplace and a lot of people got discouraged. Bad attitudes can spread like a virus. You were the only one that didn’t give into the negativity. Your example and light-hearted attitude snapped a lot of us out of the heavy feeling of it all. It was worthy of mentioning and we praise you for it!”

“You are our most motivated employee and your enthusiasm spreads out onto others. If there was ever a time to thank you, it should be now. The extra hours you put in would lay most of us out flat, but you kept going. You may everyone look good and take no credit. You’re really exceptional. Thanks for all you do!”

“We may be your supervisors, but we answer to a higher authority also, so we’re all in this together. Teamwork is so important. A lot of people don’t seem to get it. When one person gets off track, it affects everyone. When one person like you puts in the extra mile, that also affects everyone and we get a boost from it. It ripples out and makes for a better workplace all-around. Thanks so much!”

“Everyone who works hard deserves respect, but there are some that truly excel. You are one of those people. You don’t take shortcuts and get the job done right. You’re one of our best employees here. Thanks for all you do.”

With the recent challenges in our workplace, so many of us got stressed out. Your attitude provided a contrast because you don’t seem to react to adversity the same way others do. That shows your wisdom and strength of character. We see all the good you do for this place. Thanks is an understatement.”

“You are an employee that is worthy of recognition. It is our hope that in recognizing you that you will continue to set a good standard for others to go by and work towards. We know you’re up for it. You have our support if you need it. Your managers are here for you.”