Pregnancy Wishes for Sister

I cannot believe the news that my little sister is having a baby!
You’re going to be such a loving and supportive parent.
I’m excited for the days that I get to be the cool uncle.
Enjoy the freedom and silence now because it is going to be a distant memory.

It’s about time you gave my kids a cousin to play with.
The days of having fun playing with dolls together are a distant memory.
You’re going to be a fabulous mother, and don’t let anyone attempt to tell you differently.
Congratulations on a healthy and fruitful pregnancy.

I know that you are worried that you’re going to get fat.
Having a baby is worth the changes that you’re going through.
I can’t wait to hold my little niece or nephew for the first time.
Your baby is coming into a world of love and absolute adoration.

Congratulations to my big sister on your newly discovered pregnancy.
I’ve heard it gets rough, but you are the strongest lady I know.
I’m always right here by your side if you get scared.
Take care of yourself and make sure that the baby stays healthy.

Starting a family of your own is a life-changing experience.
I hope that one day I am lucky enough to find the perfect man like you did.
You’re my big sister and a role model in a lot of ways.
I wish you the best health and a happy pregnancy.

It has been a long, tough road but you are finally pregnant!
I have kept you in my prayers and wishes ever since you started trying.
I’m going to be here with you, Sister, every step of the journey.
No one deserves to grow a happy family as much as you do.

It’s exciting to see you follow in the footsteps of our parents.
The first child was a surprise, and this new one is a miracle.
Your son is going to be so excited to finally be a big brother!

Time has gone by in an instant since you moved out and got married.
You gave me a really cool brother-in-law, and now you’re pregnant!
I promise to be the best aunt that I can no matter how secretly jealous I am.
Embrace the roller coaster ride of the next 9 months ahead.

You have confided in me the difficulties you have experienced conceiving a child.
Now that you’re finally pregnant, it seems like it’s unreal.
I do not know anyone that wants a baby as much as you and your husband do.
You’re a loving sister, and I know that you’ll mean the world to your little bundle of joy.

You just announced your prenancy but I have already been preparing for this day.
I’m ready to support my only sister through all of the sickness and mood swings.
I will come by to help you tie your shoes when you get too big to bend over.
Take your vitamins, get plenty of rest, and call your big brother if you need anything.

It’s hard to imagine my tomboy sister as a mother and housewife.
You’ve turned out to be such a beautiful lady, just like our mother.
Things may get stressful as you get ready to have your first baby.
Do not worry about a thing because I am always a phone call away.

Life can change so fast as soon as you find out you’re expecting.
There are going to be awkward and uncomfortable times in the next few months.
Rest assured, it all pays off when you finally get to kiss your newborn baby.
I’m excited for the day that I can officially call myself an aunt.

You’re my older sister, but there were times that you acted like my mom.
I remember how you patiently taught me to drive a car and put on makeup.
It is a blessing that you are pregnant with a child of your own to raise.
That baby is so lucky that it gets to have you for a parent.