New Born Baby Wishes to Grandparents

It is one of life’s greatest treasures when your children have babies.
You are in for a lifetime of glowing with pride and the best memories.
Congratulations on becoming a grandparent to your first sweet, angelic baby.

With the birth of your new grandchild, you are truly blessed.
You have the exciting privilege of being the one that gets to spoil the child.
Enjoy the official title of being the cool, old grandma.

Congratulations, you finally have a grandson to carry on your family name and traditions.
Take advantage of being the fun babysitter that doesn’t have to deal with any of the hard stuff.
You can fill the kid with candy and desserts before sending them home to mom and dad to handle!

One of the coolest things about being a grandparent is that you’re seen as the wise one in the family.
No matter what goes wrong, you are the one that your grand baby is going to turn to for a strong shoulder.
You did an amazing job raising your own kids, and I’m confident that you are going to be the best grandma ever.

It has been so long since your kids were babies that I’m sure you’ve forgotten a lot of the important things.
Enjoy the moments of sweet laughter and smiles before they’re gone again.
You’re the glue that holds the entire family together, and your nurturing spirit puts everyone at ease.
I wish you the best time with your new adventure in being a grandparent.

You may be a grandmother, but you’ve got to find the energy to chase after a toddler soon.
They grow out of the newborn stage so fast into a rambunctious little personality.
You’re going to be an amazing friend and cuddle buddy to your sweet little grand baby.

When you’re a parent, you don’t get to take your time and enjoy the precious little moments.
Now that there is a newborn in your life, you can appreciate every smile and giggle without stress.
Best wishes for the rewarding future, you have ahead of you as a living grandpa.

To be an awesome grandfather, you must embrace the chaos along with the sweet moments.
A child is a handful, but a grandchild can be so calming and fun at the same time.
Pass along all of your great stories, wisdom, and values to that blessed baby.

The days of your kids being too proud or stubborn to ask for help are long gone now.
With the addition of your newborn grand baby, you will often be called on for advice.
Expect late-night calls asking about bringing a fever down or getting rid of gas.
You’re a wise old lady now so I wish you the best of luck passing on your wisdom.

Retirement is a time to relax and enjoy the freedom of not having to work.
It came just in time for you to take on a whole new job as a grandparent.
Best wishes to your family, and enjoy being paid in hugs and kisses.

Your kids used to be bored to death with the stories of the old days.
Now there is the beginning of a new generation of people to talk to.
Congratulations on becoming a grandfather to a precious, lucky little newborn.

You know the best how stubborn your kids can be when it comes to thinking they’re right.
Congratulations finally being the good guy when your grand baby needs an ally.
You’re going to be a wonderful friend and grandmother to the newest addition to the family.