I Love you Quotes for Him

Never Far Away From My Heart

They say that absence makes the heart grown fonder
But this is what I say

Whether you are here or way out yonder
Close to my heart you will always stay

You Are My Man

My man does what he says he will
Or at least make his best attempt

If he has to climb over the highest hill
And all of his options seem to sink

Doesn’t believe in the word fail
For his strength will prevail

And always assures me that I also can
That is why you are my man

Always There For Me

How come you seem to be always there for me
Even when I do not deserve for you to be?

Even the times that I made life hard
You did not have to put on a facade

To let me know that you still care
Through all of my imperfections you are aware

And you never fail to remind me
That no one does everything perfectly

You will never understand how I appreciate you
For giving me a love that is so true

Just as you love me unconditionally
You are my man and I will never choose differently

When You First Touched Me

The first time I saw you, you were standing in a crowd
But I caught your eye though the noise all around was loud

I could not seem to look away from you
And I noticed you were looking at me too

When you walked over and took my hand
I was so rattled I could hardly stand

Many years later I love you more than ever
There is no way I could have ever done better

How could I have known life would turn out so wonderfully
From that very first time when you first touched me?

Just As You Are

You may not be the choice for some
But baby you are my number one

You may not have a big bank account
But for me you have all that really counts

You may not always say the sweetest things
But I love the way you call my name

So you’re not some big handsome movie star
But baby I love you just as you are

Who’s The Man?

Who’s the man?
You’re the man!

The man that makes heart go thump
Whenever I see you I want to jump

Who’s the man?
You’re the man!

The man who loves me day and night
And seems to make the wrongs go right

Who’s the man?
You’re the man!

The man whom with I wish to spend my life
As his forever loving wife

Day and Night

On my mind both day and night
Always there within my sight

When you are not physically there
I close my eyes and you are here

I imagine you are kissing me
As my eyes remain closed tightly

But when I open them again
I know it is just a silly whim

To keep you with me and in my sight
All the time both day and night

You Make Me Feel Happy

You make me feel happy
And so young and carefree

You make me feel happy
Just like life is supposed to be

You Changed Me

You have changed my expression
From one of misery

Tore down my guard of protection
I had built up inside of me

You proved that good still exists
And that trust can be achieved

Made me see what I have missed
I’m so grateful that you changed me

From one so frightened and unsure
To one that can love and adore

And enjoy love that is really true
I am forever grateful to you

A Real Man

What makes a real man?
Big feet and big hands?

More than just having a strong physique
Or dropping a line that’s really unique

A real man will help you weather the storm
And let you know you are never alone

Who can stand in the face of adversity
And always stand strong for his family

A real man will to himself be true
And baby that real man is you