I Hate You Quotes For Him

You treated me wrong, but I’m not going to seek revenge. The wonderful new life I’m living without you is the best payback ever. Thank you for making this new life possible. Without you, I am free to be me.

You taught me that the line between love and hate really is thin. Now that I’ve crossed over from loving you to hating you, I know you were never worth the time I spent on you. I hate what you did to me, but I love that you are no longer in my life. I’ve moved on to better things and a life I love.

Looking back on what used to be us, I only have one regret. I regret I didn’t find out who you really were long ago. I regret all the time I wasted loving you. You were never worth the tears I shed over you.

You obviously aren’t capable of caring about anyone but yourself. I feel sorry for the next girl who falls for your lies and charm. Finding out the truth about you allowed me to move on and have the life I deserve.

Broken hearts do mend with time, especially when someone new comes into your life and captures your heart. I’m so glad you are out of my life, and I have someone who truly loves me for who I am. Now, I know what real love feels like.

I hate you, but what I hate more than you is the fact that I allowed you to treat me with no respect for as long as you did. Thanks for teaching me a valuable lesson I will never forget. I am much too special to allow anyone to treat me like you did. It will never happen again. You definitely taught me what type of guys to avoid.

I could yell, scream, and call you names, but I won’t stoop to your level. I respect myself way too much to be like you.

I’m so happy you are in my past and out of my life. I no longer have to fix all of your problems. I’m no longer there for you to take advantage of. My life is much too important to be wasted on someone who never loved me like I deserve to be loved.

I remember how devastated I was when you walked away. I was broken hearted and thought I would never get over you. But, that feeling didn’t last long. In those first weeks after you left, I did a lot of soul searching. You leaving was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Every human being deserves to be treated with respect. With you out of my life, I am now learning just how many wonderful people I have in my life who love me just the way I am. I am now aware of how toxic my relationship with you really was.

Anyone can say they love someone, but it’s always a person’s actions that reveal the truth. I should have seen it a long time ago. You said you loved me, but you never showed it. I hate you for playing with my emotions and saying words you never meant. I’m so glad you are no longer in my life.

I knew a long time ago you didn’t really care about me. It never felt right. I found myself always compromising to please you. The red flags were there, but I tried to pretend they weren’t. I’m so glad I finally woke up and saw the truth about you. I hate that I allowed you to use me. No more. I care too much about myself to waste another day with you.