Friendship Quotes about Time

“Boyfriends and girlfriends may come and go, but friends stand the test of time.”

“I am so happy to be your friend. While many people don’t give any time for me to answer “how are you?” in a true sense, you always do. I will never take that for granted. No one understands me the way you do, because you actually listen to what I have to say.”

“While periods of silence between people normally make for awkward moments of time, with real friends, it’s never like that. What a wonderful thing to be so comfortable with someone. There’s an understanding that doesn’t need explaining. Thanks, friend!”

“ As time goes by, our friendship only gets stronger. Most things get creakier and don’t work as well as they get older, but not us. We’re getting better all the time. I love to laugh, cry, and everything between with you, my friend. You’re the best.”

“While it takes time with new people to gain the opportunity and freedom to act ridiculous, we’ve had that one going for years. In you, friend, I have a refuge in being able to be stupid and laugh. I love it. I’m so glad we have each other.”

“It takes time to trust someone and really believe in them. It’s something that gets proven over the course of time and is demonstrated by actions, not only words. Every reassuring smile and hugs you’ve given me in tough times has been deposited in the friendship bank. I feel wealthy to have you as a friend.”

“We friends are like flowers in a garden that God planted. They are an unusual variety that have taken a long time to grow, but now that they’ve bloomed, they are quite a sight! Our colors compliment each other perfectly. You bring out my beauty and I see your’s. Let’s keep reaching for the sun together!”

“A lot of time passed in my life where I have felt alone. It’s not like I didn’t have a social life, but nothing about it satisfied me really. I was feeling alone in a crowd. When I met you, it was so easy to be me. We have so much fun together that time passes quickly. You make my life so much better. I’m so happy I met you.”

“Your gentle honesty as a friend was something I had waited a long time for in my life. I look forward to being here for you until the end. You’ll always be my friend.”

“True friends know when it’s the right time to keep quiet and stand back even when there’s a disaster coming. I support you no matter what and I’ll always be here to help you pick up the pieces.”

“I held things in my heart for a long time that I believed to me by own unique treasure. I never dreamed that I would meet another person that I have so much in common with. It means so much to me. I love you, my friend.”

“I’ve seen a lot of people walk out of my life for one reason or another. I am so glad that through the test of time, we have been able to stick with each other. You’re my best friend.”

“The times I’ve spent with you are kept carefully in my heart and I bring them out and remember them when times get rough. I hope to add more and more to the collection as time goes on. I live for those moments with you, my friend.”

“There are the kinds of friends who seem to indulge some side of me that remains unchanging when maybe I need a challenge. You have shown that you have my best interest in mind. Even if I get defensive, I am glad when you take the time to point out my inconsistencies. I need the kind of friendship you provide in my life like no other. Ic an feel it in my soul. Thank you for sticking with me through time. I am always here for you, too.”

“You have seen me through time pass through many stages of life and you still accept me. This is one of life’s amazing gifts. Thank you, friend.”