Engagement Wishes for Son

I’m proud of you, Son, for growing into a mature and successful man.
Having the courage to become engaged takes a lot of guts.
I finally feel that I have done my job as a father to help you grow.
Anytime that you need ever guidance, you have my attention and love.

Thank you for bringing such a beautiful and sweet girl into our family.
It is exciting for me to see my only son get engaged.
Each day that you become more like your dad, I am proud.
I know that you will be an amazing husband and father one day.

There have been days that I doubted you would ever settle down.
It took an amazing woman to finally make my son feel complete.
Good luck in starting this exciting new life with a great girl.

I still think of you as a young kid, but I know that you’re a man now.
You’ve always made me proud of your talents and drive to succeed.
I know that becoming engaged is only the beginning of a very happy life for you.

Out of all of my children, you’re the one I never had to worry about.
You’re a natural leader that knows how to take care of business.
I knew when I met your girlfriend that you’d eventually marry her.
I pray that this new engagement makes you happier than you have ever been.

As your mom, I’m excited to hear that you have finally popped the question.
I’ve been looking forward to the day we get to officially add another girl to the family.
Take your time planning the wedding, and make all of her wishes come true.

It is never easy for a mother to see another girl take her son away.
Luckily, you found someone so special that it feels like I’m gaining another daughter.
You make a beautiful couple, and I congratulate you on the engagement.

I am one proud father to learn of your engagement.
Your fiancee can thank me for teaching you respect, love, and honesty.
She has a great guy on her hands, and I hope that she appreciates you.

When a mom sees her son get engaged, she begins to imagine grandchildren.
I cannot help but be excited to see you approach this new road in life.
Each day I pray that your life is as happy as the one I have with your father.

It was only a matter of time before a girl claimed you as her own.
Congratulations on finding a gorgeous girl and getting engaged to her.
Get ready for the inevitable sacrifices it takes to ensure a long, happy marriage.

My heart is full with the news that you proposed to your longtime girlfriend.
You’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but I always hoped that you’d work it out.
I hope that I have done an adequate job being a supportive mother.
Enjoy a lifetime of love, happiness, and laughter with your new fiancee.

I knew that my prayers had been answered when you told me that you got engaged.
As your mom, I’ve always wanted to see you succeed in love and life.
Your fiancee brings out a twinkle in your eye that I’ve never seen before.
Enjoy each and every day that you are blessed on this journey.

A man has certain responsibilities when he becomes a husband.
If you are anything like your father, you’re sure to excel.
Love her each day, and remind her of how beautiful that she is.
Make sure that she never doubts that your mother taught you well.

Getting engaged is a major step to take in the path of life.
It is so sweet that my son has found a woman that he loves unconditionally.
The wedding is sure to be a beautiful occasion to celebrate.
You have my blessing as I welcome a lovely daughter-in-law into my heart.