Engagement Wishes for Sister

It’s crazy to consider just how much time has flown
Even with that time I still can’t believe how much you’ve grown
I’m excited to see you seal a true love you’ve never known
Do I want to see the ring? Not really, I’m still waiting on my own

Now you’ve got the whole town psyched!
He must have found what he really liked
But now the main point of this letter:
Your husband-to-be makes mine look much better

I remember when you had met “the one.”
You assured us your single days were done
It seems as though your prediction was true
So now you’ve got much planning to do

A couple in love, an elegant dress
Preparations to make but not too much stress
A beautiful bride and soon-to-be wife
I wish you both a harmonious life

Your engagement was quite the story
Spread the news, in all your glory
As the wedding approaches with less time spanning
Just please don’t ask me to help with the planning

You’re tying the knot
I’m happy to hear
Well, guess what we’ve got?
An interesting year
Into cakes we’ll dive
Through dresses we’ll sift
Our bond will thrive
Don’t expect a big gift

When thinking of your special day
I hope it’s perfect in every way
From flowers to the wedding band
To the new sparkles on your hand
After all this time together
I hope you and your love last forever

Your engagement is cause for elation
Excitement, joy and celebration
So now we’ve started to take our bids
After the wedding new life begins
We were wondering how long til you have kids?
If you wait too long, it will have to be twins

We knew how soon this day would come
It may come as a surprise to some
Though excited I know you’re nervous
Thus I offer to extend my service
I know how much you have at stake
My only charge is two pieces of cake

This moment will change life for us all
Along the way we’ll have such a ball
We are willing to help you in any way
In preparation for that special day
So many plans we all have in store
I won’t tell what happens the night before

A beautiful bride I know you will be
A big ceremony I’m excited to see
As long as you behave on bachelorette night
I guess I can pretend your dress should be white

What a special moment for you
Something you’ve long looked forward to
I’m beyond happy to see you bloom
You couldn’t pick a better groom
While I’ll love to see your bridal glow
I must admit it’s hard to see you go

I know you have a big day ahead
I also know there’s a bit of dread
Because I know you have such a heart, see?
I know I’m a shoe-in for your wedding party

As you go on to start your new life
I know you will make a wonderful wife
Though there may be trying times
I know you have the will to climb
Above any obstacle you will surpass
To solidify true love that lasts

It’s nice to see you settling down
But now there’s so much buzz around
Announce your next life change quietly
Because now you’re putting the pressure on me!

A nicer couple couldn’t be met
Have you begun your wedding plans yet?
If marriage gets hard, work it out. No sweat!
No seriously, I don’t want to lose this bet

I’ll always be beside you
As you walk into this new phase of life
You can hold my hand should you decide to
On your journey to become a wife

On your way to being a bride
I have so much joy inside
And throughout all the commotion
I’ll contain all my emotions
I promise you I won’t cry
(Well, I can’t promise, but I’ll try)

When preparing for your big day
It’s all about the bride-to-be
Just when you throw the bouquet
Remember to pass it right to me!