Birthday Wishes for Niece

Every aunt has the privilege of having a special relationship with her niece.
I’m here to listen anytime your mom is being irrational or unfair.
We have fun lunch dates and you talk to me about boys at school.
You’re a special girl to me and you deserve to have an amazing birthday.

I remember the day that you were born, everyone said you look like me.
You’re lucky to have your aunt’s good looks and charm to match.
I think of you each year on your birthday, and pray that your wishes come true.

We have shared amazing memories together throughout your life.
No matter how old you get, I still think of you as my baby niece.
You’re a grown woman now and I’m proud to have influenced you so much.
Have a lovely birthday surrounded by your friends and family.

I realize that the older you get, the older I get too.
It’s hard for me to see our lives pass by so quickly.
You’ve grown into a great girl with a wonderful husband that loves you.
Cherish each moment, and have an extra special birthday this year.

Being an aunt is just as good as having a daughter of my own.
You fill my heart with so much love, fun, and companionship.
I cannot wait until you are a teenager so we can bond over makeup and boys.
Until then, enjoy your younger birthdays where you get a lot of fun toys.

Your birthday is almost here, and I hope that you have a lot of fun.
The day I married your uncle, I finally got to call myself an aunt.
There is a special place for you in my home and heart, no matter what.

I’ve been lucky enough to know you ever since the day you were born.
It touches my heart when you say that I am like a father to you.
They say it’s the grandparents’ job to spoil all of the kids.
Obviously they haven’t met me, because your birthday is going to be extra special.

I’m glad to be here for you and get the chance to see you grow up.
My daughters love you like a sister, and I see you as one of them.
I wish you a very happy birthday as you officially enter a new age.

I hate to admit that I love it when you call me in trouble.
It makes me feel important to be the one that you turn to when it’s difficult.
No matter how grown up you get, I will always be there for you in an instant.
Enjoy your birthday, young lady, and know that I love you very much.

You know that I am here to encourage you no matter what your dreams may be.
When you wanted to be a princess, I bought you a sparkling crown.
You’re a lovely lady with a promising future, and you can do anything you choose.
It’s an honor to celebrate your birthday and watch you grow up.

My brother is a great dad, but you can never have too many uncles.
Your birthday is rolling around again, so you can expect a lot of presents.
I love to spoil you and see the smile on your face as you unwrap your gifts.
You deserve more than I can give, but I will do my best to make you happy.

My niece is my favorite young lady in the whole entire planet.
Your birthday is a major celebration, like an unofficial holiday.
Enjoy your day by celebrating with all of your friends and lucky family.

“You’re a great niece and I’m so happy that you’re part of my life. It’s a special day and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday to a wonderful niece that is beautiful, filled with joy, wise beyond her years and anything that anyone could ever dream of being. You’re a great person that brings so much happiness to everyone’s life and you deserve everything life has for you on your birthday. I hope that it is filled with happiness and love and that you get everything you could dream of!”

“A birthday is a special time when we get to enjoy and celebrate the ones that we love. I’m so fortunate to have you as part of my family and so happy that you’re in our lives. You’re the best niece anyone could ask for and I love you so much. Happy birthday to a great niece!”

“If I could choose my family, I would pick you as a niece. You’re one of the best things to happen to this family and I’m so happy that you’re a part of my life. Happy birthday to you, I hope that you get everything you deserve and want on this very special day!”

“I love celebrating your life every day of the year, but especially on your birthday when you became a part of this family. I’m so glad you’re part of my family. Have a happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday to the best niece anyone could ask for. You’re such a huge part of my life and this family; I’m so blessed to have you as a niece!”

“A birthday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate family and the ways that we all come together. On your birthday, I love celebrating you and with you. Happy birthday to you!”

“Your parents may be so glad that they had you on this day, but I’m also so glad that they had you because I got the best niece in the world. Thank you for the awesomeness of you everyday of the year and I’m so overjoyed to be celebrating with you on this day. Happy birthday to you!”

“You’re a one of a kind girl that means the world to me and this family. You’re beautiful, smart, talented and fill everyone with all of the joy that brightens up our lives. I’m so happy and proud to call you my niece and so happy to enjoy your life on this day. Happy birthday, niece!”

“I’m so glad that I have you as the best niece in the world. You’re a wonderful young woman that fills me with so much happiness. I hope you have a special and happy birthday!”

“Not many people are as lucky as I am to have a niece that is as great as you. I’m so happy you’re here and I’m joyous for you on this day. Have a wonderful birthday!”

“I hope that you get all of the cake, presents and love that you deserve on your special day. Here’s to a happy and wonderful birthday that gives you everything you could ever want!”

“Happy birthday to a great niece. You’re such a wonderful person and I’m so proud of who you’re turning into. I hope you have a fabulous birthday!”

“You’re the best niece in the world and I hope you have the best of everything on your special day. I love celebrating with you as you turn into such an excellent young woman. Happy, happy birthday to you!”