Birthday Wishes for Lover

I’ve never known someone like you
I’ve never had a love so true
Here’s to a feeling that’s here to stay
Here’s to having a magical day

Your birthday is here to be exact
I’m very excited as you can see
The best part is rubbing in the fact
That once again you are older than me

I hope you enjoy the present I give
Choose the wrong gift? I wouldn’t dare!
I have chosen something I know we’ll both love
I’m giving you clothes so I can pick what you wear

A grand time is in store for you
I’ve planned so many things to do
Like birthdays past I wish you the best
And I hope to be there for all the rest

Your birthday will go off without a hitch
Well, there may be just one glitch
There’s a little secret I have to release
About your cake? I already had a piece

On your birthday you can have no cares
Let yourself loose and have a ball
How can any other day compare?
I sincerely wish you the best day of all

I believe the mark you can make on the world
Is as special as the one you’ve made on me
Each day as your future unfurls
I’m proud to see who you can be

As each year goes past, it’s plain to see
How you’ve changed me deep down to the core
Even though I didn’t think it was possible
Each day I love you even more

You’ve always been right there for me
So I’ve planned your birthday carefully
The gifts I picked, I was precise
I hope my gift is just as nice

I’m throwing your party all on my own
Games to play, prizes to win
I learned my lesson, I should have known
Remind me to never do the planning again

A birthday is a special day
You will party til you drop, surely.
If there’s one thing you need to know:
Don’t party too hard we still have to wake up early

I planned to gift you with a pet
A goldfish? A puppy? A cat?
But then I used the money for it
On a really cool brand new hat

The gift I bought is top-of-the-line
I spent a lot of my very own cash
Your final gift is classy, thus
Now if only you’d take out the trash

A party for you, oh what a treat!
A bash that I throw can never be beat
I love you so much I’ll do something sweet:
I’ll keep the lights low to hide your crow’s feet

Shopping is not easy for someone you love
I almost asked for help from above
Gift giving made simple, so what did I do?
I bought all things that I can use too

You gain more wisdom every day
Sometimes I don’t know what to say
In a year’s time much wisdom gained
Because of you I stay entertained

Remember this day is all about you
We’ll do whatever you ask us to
Before you get excited, hun
Remember this was just for fun

Your birthday should be as great as you
May there be joy in all you do
You truly deserve all the best
May your day be fully blessed

As long as I’ve loved you, you’ve brought me glee
We’ve been together for a while
I hope you get the same from me
I expect the next year to be filled with smiles

From the moment I laid eyes on you, I have loved you. You are smart, beautiful, and of course, sexy, making you the perfect girl for me. Happy Birthday darling. Have a magical day.

Your smile lights up the sky, and your beauty cannot be compared to even a rose. Every day, I count my blessings that you chose me, and I thank God that I get to wake up to your beautiful face each morning. I hope your birthday is remarkable.

When I saw you across the room, I admit, I was nervous. You were beautiful, and I thought that you would never give me the time of day. But when our eyes met, you were the one you actually walked across the crowded room to introduce yourself. Not only were you gorgeous, but you were smart too. You have this witty personality that attracted me instantly, and your laughter is enough to brighten even the worst day. You have brought so much joy to my life that I hardly believe I have been so lucky to have you in it. So on your birthday, I feel the one thing I can do is treat you like the queen you are. Happy Birthday darling. I hope today is everything you expect it to be.

We may fight. We may argue. We may disagree. We may get annoyed. We may get frustrated. We may even feel like one or both of us should leave. But at the end of the day, we always come together. We always talk out our disagreements and frustrations and find a way to compromise that makes us both happy. I love you even more than I did yesterday, and tomorrow I will love you even more than I do today. Happy Birthday.

Love is about giving your whole heart to someone. That is how I feel about you. I feel like every day, I should show you the depth of my love and affection as a way to thank you for being in my life. I hope today, on your birthday, that feeling comes through even more. Being here with you is one of the greatest joys of my life. Happy Birthday sweetheart.

Birthdays are always happy occasions. It is a chance to celebrate a birth and reflect on the past year. I am so happy that I have the opportunity to spend this special day with you. I wish to you a very Happy Birthday.

My wish for you on your birthday is to relax, have fun and not worry about anything else going on in your life. Take the whole day to do something for yourself. Read a book, go shopping, go to the spa. Nothing else matters today because this is the one day all year that you are the star and the center of attention. That is my gift to you. Happy Birthday. I will love you forever.

Words are not my strength as you know. I express myself much better in other ways. So all I have to say is I love you and Happy Birthday.

When I look at you, I believe that God created angels in your image. That is how I feel about you. You are generous, loving and a fantastic companion. You spend your time doing everything for everyone else, so let me spend this day doing everything for you. Happy Birthday, my love.

May your birthday be filled with fun and lots of laughter. You deserve to have everything you desire today. Happy Birthday.