Anniversary Quotes for Parents from Son

“If I could have a marriage close to what you and mom had, I’ll be so happy. I don’t know how you do it. Most people these days break up, but you hung in there. Congratulations on another anniversary. It’s no small thing to have made it this far.”

“ Whenever I have a rough patch in my marriage, I ask myself, ‘what would mom and dad have done?’ In this way, your example is carried with me. Of course I took for granted the fact that I had awesome parents as a boy, but the more I grow older, the more I realize what an amazing couple you are. Your hard work inspires me. Your anniversary is a great day for the whole family. Congratulations!”

“Does anyone really know if their marriage will work out when they do it? Not really. These things are proven through time and surviving the many trials of life together. You two have done just that. We admire you so much for it. Your good marriage helped me to grow up as a lucky son in your nice home. I am a complete person thanks to your ability to healthfully maintain your relationship. Thank you so much, Mom and Dad. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!”

“If you two hadn’t of gotten married, I wouldn’t be here! Imagine the world without a me. O yeah, this is about you and your day, not me. Sorry. Thanks and Congrats!”

“Marriage is not an old-fashioned thing. It is alive and with us in you two. Not many people are hanging in there these days as you have. You give all the romantics out there hope. I’m so glad I as born to your family. You’re the best mom and dad and husband and wife team I know!” I hope you have a great anniversary and know how much you’re loved by each other and everyone else!”

“ If matches are made in heaven, you two are evidence. Not that its always happy, that’s not realistic. The best couples I know are like my own parents, and I am really glad to say that. They are natural. They don’t have the same hang-ups that others do. They help each other with what they need without asking. You two have something very nice. I pray one day I can also have this kind of marriage. Happy Anniversary and many more!”

“I love the fact that I have memories of the sound of your laughter from the living room after I would go to bed as a child. It was so soothing to me to know you two had a little world of your own and found amusement with each other. You are both funny people but as a team you’re unbeatable. I can see where your sense of humor really got you through some rough times. I am still so happy to see you happy. Congratulations on your anniversary from your favorite son!”

I hope you have a great anniversary. You deserve to celebrate each other and all you’ve accomplished in life together as a couple. I will always be a helpless romantic thanks to you. How many people can say they have parents that are still in love with each other after so many years?”

“I’m sorry I can’t make it to your party as we are so far away now, but I wanted to tell you I am remembering you with love and appreciation. You’re the best parents and best couple I know! Thanks for taking such good care of each other. Your son loves you very much. Happy Anniversary!”

“ As I remember you as a couple today, I recall all the little nice things you’ve done for each other over the years. It wasn’t out of a sense of duty or obligation, it was out of real love. Those things last for a long time in the heart and made your marriage a strong one. Thanks for helping me know how to treat my own wife and for setting that good example for me growing up. Our happy family ripples out. You’ve made a difference in the world as a couple. Thank you is an understatement. Congratulations on the occasion of your anniversary.”