Anniversary Quotes for Couples

“There was a time we slow-danced in quiet moments, just you and I, not ever caring who saw…

Ten years have gone by, and I am still just as much in love with you today as the first time I ever held you close to me.

Happy Anniversary.”

“Who would have thought, in this crazy world we live in, that two people, always moving at the speed of light, would stop long enough to lock eyes with each other, and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that they belong together? I did. Today, I am grateful beyond words that you are in my life. Happy First Anniversary, my Love.”

It is so easy to focus on other things – they seem so important that they’re all we can think of. Throughout the year, things pull us in a million different directions, and there often isn’t time enough to catch our breath. Today is one time that I stop and am reminded that without you, my love, I would simply not be the man I am today. Five years after saying “I do”, I am still so in love with you.

Happy Anniversary.”

I saw you walk by me, twenty years ago, and couldn’t forget the grace of how you moved and the sheer beauty of what you looked like. I would never have guessed the stars would align, and that you would one day call me your husband. Now, with our children grown and years having gone by, I still feel my heart beat a little stronger when you walk into the room.

All my love to you, on this special day.”

“My heart beat so wildly when I stepped onto the aisle, holding tight to my father’s arm.
My eyes looked ahead and saw your beautiful smile, and all was right in my world.
Two years have gone by, and your smile still lights up my world each and every time I see your face.

To you, my love, I still give you my heart.

Happy Anniversary.”

“I saved the date. I bought the gown. I picked out the most wonderful site.
I dreamed of the day when you would be mine, and all in my world would be right.
Today, eight years later, I think of the time, when your eyes looked deeply in mine,
We’re husband and wife and partners in crime. This is all that I want in my life.

I love you.”

Today it is your hand I hold, looking back at the wide-eyed young woman I was.
You have been my lover, my partner and my friend.
We have raised a family together, cried together and laughed together.
There were times I wondered how we would ever make it through.
But we are here, twenty-five years after saying “I do.”
It was the best thing I ever did.
I love you. On this day. For ever and always.

Happy Anniversary.

Today, seventy-five years after saying “I do”
After living through good and through bad.
There were times I wondered how we would make it through.
We cried together. Laughed together. Loved together.
After going the distance, I can promise you this…
There is no one I want by my side but you.

Happy Anniversary to you, my love.

There was a time, when I was young,
I would have never thought
Someone would be meant just for me.
But here I sit, right by your side,
And I am humbled how lucky one can be.
Years have gone by, and I am no longer young,
But there is nowhere I would rather be.

To you, my love. My life.
Happy Anniversary.

“It’s so easy to get caught up by the little things in life.
Bills, jobs, friends, and whatever mistakes we may have made.
We forget that the really the only thing we need
Is to know that we are loved without question.
Without end.

This is my life with you. My Love.

Happy Anniversary.”